Stories recently published or forthcoming


“The Second Floor”

Black Static #45 edited by Andy Cox – TTA Press


“Strange is the Night”

Cassilda’s Song edited by Joseph S. Pulver Sr. – Chaosium


“Death and Disbursement”

October Dreams II edited by Richard Chizmar and Robert Morrish – Cemetery Dance Publications



“Lost and Found”

The Hyde Hotel edited by James Everington and Dan Howarth – Black Shuck Books


“Water Main”

Autumn Cthulhu edited by Mike Davis – Lovecraft eZine Press



The Madness of Dr. Caligari edited by Joseph S. Pulver Sr. – Chaosium



“Vigilance. Sacrifice.”

Strange Aeons edited by Kelly Young and Justin Steele


“Alligator Point”

Looming Low edited by Justin Steele and Sam Cowan – Dim Shores



Tales from a Talking Board edited by Ross E. Lockhart – Word Horde


“We’re Never Inviting Amber Again”

Haunted Nights edited by Lisa Morton and Ellen Datlow – Anchor



“Asking Price”

Darker Companions: Celebrating 50 Years of Ramsey Campbell edited by Scott David Aniolowski and Joseph S. Pulver Sr. – PS Publishing