S.P. Miskowski is a three-time Shirley Jackson Award nominee, and is the recipient of two National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships and a Swarthout Award. Her M.F.A. is from the University of Washington. Her stories have been published in Supernatural Tales, Black Static, Other VoicesIdentity Theory, and Strange Aeons as well as in the anthologies Haunted Nights, The Madness of Dr. Caligari, October Dreams 2, Autumn Cthulhu, Cassilda’s Song, The Hyde Hotel, Darker Companions: Celebrating 50 Years of Ramsey Campbell, Tales from a Talking Board, and Looming Low. Her books are available from the following publishers:


Knock Knock and three related novellas – Delphine Dodd, Astoria, and In the Light

Omnium Gatherum Media



Dunhams Manor Press


I Wish I Was Like You



Strange is the Night

Trepidatio (an imprint of JournalStone)