Best Horror of the Year Vol. Ten

Ellen Datlow is one of the most respected and admired editors in horror, science fiction and fantasy. I’ve been reading her themed anthologies for years, for pleasure and for education. Her taste is impeccable. Every year when she begins reading for the annual ‘best of’ anthology, every writer I know hopes to have a story selected. In fact, simply having a story on her Honorable Mention long list is an honor my colleagues and I happily post on social media.

This year three of my stories made the extended Honorable Mention list:

“Muscadines” a Shirley Jackson Award-nominated novella published by Dunhams Manor Press

“Somnambule” in the anthology The Madness of Dr. Caligari, edited by Joe Pulver, Fedogan & Bremer

“Water Main” in the anthology Autumn Cthulhu, edited by Mike Davis, Lovecraft eZine Press

This is lovely news. Better yet, Ellen Datlow has selected “Alligator Point,” my story in the Dim Shores anthology Looming Low, edited by Justin Steele and Sam Cowan, to appear in The Best Horror of the Year Volume Ten.

I couldn’t be happier. Thanks to Ellen and Night Shade Books, and thanks to Jordan Krall, Joe Pulver, Mike Davis, Justin Steele and Sam Cowan for accepting and publishing my stories. I’m very fortunate to be able to work with such talented individuals who are helping to shape the current horror and weird fiction landscape. Cheers and best wishes to these wonderful editors!


Art by Chenthooran Nambiarooran

Table of Contents


Better You Believe Carole Johnstone
Liquid Air Inna Effress
Holiday Romance Mark Morris
Furtherest Kaaron Warren
Where’s the Harm? Rebecca Lloyd
Whatever Comes After Calcutta David Erik Nelson
A Human Stain Kelly Robson
The Stories We Tell about Ghosts A. C. Wise
Endosketal Sarah Read
West of Matamoros, North of Hell Brian Hodge
Alligator Point S. P. Miskowski
Dark Warm Heart Rich Larson
There and Back Again Carmen Machado
Shepherd’s Business Stephen Gallagher
You Can Stay All Day Mira Grant
Harvest Song, Gathering Song A. C. Wise
The Granfalloon Orrin Grey
Fail-Safe Philip Fracassi
The Starry Crown Marc E. Fitch
Eqalussuaq Tim Major
Lost in the Dark John Langan





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