2017 Summation

Many writers like to end the year with a summation of work published during the past 12 months. We do this to remind editors and readers that our writing is eligible for upcoming awards and annual “best of” anthologies, and also as a cheer-up reminder to ourselves that the year was not entirely without accomplishment. For what it’s worth here’s my list. Thanks to the editors and publishers with whom I’ve been fortunate enough to work this year!



I Wish I Was Like You (novel)




Strange is the Night (story collection)


Trepidatio Publishing



“Vigilance. Sacrifice.”

Strange Aeons edited by Kelly Young and Justin Steele


“Alligator Point”

Looming Low edited by Justin Steele and Sam Cowan – Dim Shores



Tales from a Talking Board edited by Ross E. Lockhart – Word Horde


“We’re Never Inviting Amber Again”

Haunted Nights edited by Lisa Morton and Ellen Datlow – Anchor


“Asking Price”

Darker Companions: Celebrating 50 Years of Ramsey Campbell edited by Scott David Aniolowski and Joseph S. Pulver Sr. – PS Publishing


“Patio Wing Monsters”

Eyedolon Magazine edited by Scott Gable

Broken Eye Books


“140 x 76 (A Tour of Griffith Park)”

A Walk on the Weird Side – NecronomiCon 2017 Anthology


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