Author copies of IWIWLY

These arrived today from my publisher, JournalStone.


I have no idea how many readers will be drawn to the dark corners and rainswept streets of I Wish I Was Like You. The title is borrowed from an enigmatic Nirvana song. The protagonist is an unreliable narrator who borrows a career and sets out to wreck her nemesis–out of envy, boredom, and a craving for undeserved attention. Not your typical young heroine.

“This biting, sly gem of a novel shouldn’t be missed.”  –  Publishers Weekly starred review

“Her prose is at times delicate and poetic, yet can turn as sharp and deadly as the stroke of a knife through flesh.” – Michelle Garza, This Is Horror

“Gritty and insightful, funny and despairing by turns. Refreshing to read some balls-deep outsider fiction again.”  –  Adam Nevill, author of Some Will Not Sleep: Selected Horrors



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