Release Day for I Wish I Was Like You

The day has arrived! My new novel, I Wish I Was Like You, is now available. You can purchase the book directly from the publisher, JournalStone. If you buy the print edition the publisher will throw in a bonus–a free digital edition in the format of your choice (mobi for Kindle, PDF, or ePub). Or you can buy the paperback or the Kindle edition (priced very modestly) via Amazon.

Here’s what people are saying about the book.

“Gritty and insightful, funny and despairing by turns. Refreshing to read some balls-deep outsider fiction again.” – Adam Nevill, author of Some Will Not Sleep: Selected Horrors

“Her prose is at times delicate and poetic, yet can turn as sharp and deadly as the stroke of a knife through flesh.” – Michelle Garza, This Is Horror

“This biting, sly gem of a novel shouldn’t be missed.” – Publishers Weekly Starred Review


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