MUSCADINES novelette on sale

Not a lot of copies left but for a limited time Dunhams Manor Press is offering my novelette MUSCADINES for only $20 plus shipping. This hardcover edition features cover art and illustrations by Dave Felton.

“…a horrific and disturbing tale, one of creeping dread… Complementing the text are illustrations by Dave Felton that have about them the look of linocuts and are brutally effective in portraying the moments of violence that permeate the narrative. Overall this was the best novella I read in 2016, the one that cut the deepest.” – Peter Tennant, Black Static #56

“…an examination of how we become locked into certain, learned behaviours, of how the past influences the present, of how cycles of abuse and violence repeat and repeat… Muscadines is an essential read for anyone who considers themselves a connoisseur of atmospheric, insightful, powerful literary writing.” – Paul Michaels, This Is Horror




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