MUSCADINES hardcover on sale

The Dunhams Manor Press limited edition hardcover of my novelette Muscadines is currently on sale for $20 plus shipping. The book, featuring beautiful illustrations and cover art by Dave Felton, is only available via the publisher. This is a very good sale price for a wonderfully illustrated hardcover edition.

The death of Ruth Parker reunites her daughters, three women scarred by a childhood of mysterious secrets and nightmares. Now they must choose a less violent path—or embrace their mother’s terrifying legacy.

“S.P. Miskowski’s Muscadines is a glorious, heady rush of red clay dusted prose. Here she unpacks for us something lovely; something with lips and teeth stained crimson. With prose that dances between poetic and razor sharp simplicity, Miskowski has created a story that will linger in the darkest rooms where you store your secrets.” – Kristi DeMeester, author of Split Tongues

“In S.P. Miskowski’s Muscadines, the return home of a prodigal sister is the catalyst for a series of searing family revelations. Alternating between memory and confrontation, the narrative lays bare the secrets and sins that have bent and warped the lives of the three Parker sisters. Their efforts to reconcile themselves to their dark inheritance, the lengths to which they must go to reckon with their mother’s legacy, lead to a stark, powerful climax. Its prose equally fearless and graceful, Muscadines offers ample evidence why S.P. Miskowski has emerged as one of those writers who must be read.” – John Langan, author of The Fisherman

“S.P. Miskowski has real star power. Muscadines is a fine example of her Neo-Gothic chops.” – Laird Barron, author of Swift to Chase

“Narrated in prose as languid and deceptively dreamlike as a Georgia summer afternoon, S.P. Miskowski’s Muscadines feels like a fairy tale recast as a Southern Gothic—a fairy tale of the old, savage, unsanitized-for-modern-children’s-consumption variety. Nobody does very bad women like Miskowski, and this deeply disturbing story further establishes her as a master at exploring the psychological terrain of the kind of women who aren’t supposed to exist.” – Lynda E. Rucker, Shirley Jackson Award winner, Black Static columnist and author of You’ll Know When You Get There



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