JournalStone Books in 2017

It’s a pleasure to announce that JournalStone will be publishing my story collection, Strange is the Night, and my new novel, I Wish I Was Like You, in 2017. The collection will include ten stories that first appeared in magazines, chapbooks, and anthologies over the past few years, as well as three brand new tales. The novel has been a labor of love for a couple of years, a portrait of an evil spirit in the making, set in a city where I lived for two decades. Many thanks to JournalStone and to the readers who enjoy my strange fiction.


2 thoughts on “JournalStone Books in 2017

  1. Jim Parrott

    VERY excited for both Strange is the Night and I Wish I Was Like You.
    Q: Will Muscadines be included in SitN?
    Jim Parrott, fan


    1. Thank you so much. We didn’t include Muscadines in the collection. The stories in Strange is the Night fit together somewhat, thematically and aesthetically. At some point I’d like to gather some of the more gothic-influenced stories, like Muscadines and “You Never Know,” into a collection.


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